Membership Dues

At the annual October membership meeting, the dues amount will be established by the board, based on projected year expenditures.

Dues for the next calendar year can be paid after the October meeting.

Membership Fees are valid from January 1 through December 31st.

The current dues structure is as follows :

  • General Member – $70
    • Concealed Carry or Permit to Purchase required.
  • Spouse – $30
    • Must be a spouse of a member in good standing.  Permits are not required.
  • Professional – $150
    • Any instructor utilizing the range for training.  Requires proof of insurance with application.  Includes general membership.

Spouse and Families

  • A spouse is not required to obtain a CCW Permit.
  • A spouse pays ½ of the established dues.
  • With one paid in full membership to CVP entitles you to allow family members under age 21 to use the range.

New Member Prorated Fee

New members may apply in November and December for the established annual fee and have range usage from November 1, (current year) through December 31, (consecutive year).

Gate Pass Code

The pass code on the gate, brass combination lock will change on January 1.

A membership card with the Gate Pass Code will be send to you with the code(s). Members applying in Nov and December will be issued two pass codes. The first number will be needed from November and December.  The second number is for January 1 through December 31st.


Members may bring a supervised guest a total of 3 times before we ask the guest apply for membership. All guests must file a Guest Waiver prior to using the range.